Major League Baseball’s Pennant Races

The Major League Baseball regular season is winding down. Half the divisions are locked up with the Angels, Orioles and Nationals coasting into the postseason. The other baseball division races are two team affairs with the Royals challenging the Tigers, the Pirates chasing the Cardinals, and the Giants trying to catch the Dodgers.

The story of the Angels and the A’s calls into question the value of adding a “quality” starting pitcher. The A’s had the best record in baseball, but after a collapse that has you wondering if the trade of Yoenis Cespedes for Jon Lester didn’t ruin the team’s chemistry, will be fighting for a wild card spot along with the second place team from the Central division and the Mariners. The Angels on the other hand, lost arguably their best starting pitcher, Garret Anderson, to an injury and have been playing great.

In the National League the Brewers will be vying for a wild card along with whoever comes second in the West and Central. Several other teams still have mathematical chances, but not very realistic opportunities to play in October.

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