Buying a Blue Raglan Shirt for My Husband to Wear

raglan shirtMy husband recently started playing baseball casually as part of a team of guys from his work. They enjoy just hanging out on the weekend playing baseball when the weather is nice. Since the team is pretty casual, they don’t have specific uniforms, but they do want players to make sure that they are wearing blue baseball shirts when they meet with other teams.

So that my husband has the shirts that he needs for these games, I have ended up purchasing him several different baseball shirts over the last few years. I most recently was able to find a really nice shirt online that I knew that my husband really would love having. The blue raglan shirt that I got for him is one that I know he’ll enjoy wearing to these casual games.

A Comfortable Henley Shirt is Perfect for Baseball

henley shirtIf you just want to play baseball casually with friends, it is unlikely that you will have the baseball uniforms that many baseball players wear when they play. Even without these uniforms you can identify one team from the other just by telling people to wear different colors of shirt. Even better, you can find great shirts that even are made for baseball wear.

There are many different types of baseball shirts that are designed in a very specific and comfortable style that is perfect for when you are playing baseball. I personally enjoy wearing a special Henley shirt when I play baseball since I find these comfortable and stylish. I am hopeful that I will be able to buy some more of these shirts for when I play baseball with friends this summer.