Reebok Bats Help Me Perfect My Game

Reebok baseball batThere’s nothing like the nice pop of a baseball bat against a baseball when you have achieved your perfect swing. I love to perfect my baseball skills, especially my batting technique. I have been playing baseball for a few years now and I got into this game after my friends joined a local baseball team.

I have always been very athletic and competitive, so when I got the opportunity to try out a new sport, I was excited. I had never tried baseball until a few years ago and now I enjoy getting as good as I can at it, just like I do with other sports. I use some great equipment to help me get the best results every time I go out and play.

I love to use Reebok bats because they help me to practice my swing and get it just right. I really like how light these bats are and that they make it easy for me to have more speed during my swing and to hit the ball with more accuracy. These bats are definitely my preference and I feel very confident in my game with them. The bats help me build my skills to be an awesome baseball player.

My Son’s First Wood Baseball Bat Helps Him Learn to Play Ball

wood baseball batNow that my son is getting a bit older and is ready to start playing baseball, I have been doing all that I can to make sure that I supply him with the different types of baseball gear that he will need. My son has had several baseballs over the year that we have thrown back and forth to get him used to catching and throwing them. He has also worn a batting helmet for when he goes up to bat.

Up until now, I didn’t get him a good quality bat of his own since he was learning to play with a team that supplied all of that kind of equipment. Now that he wants to practice his swing outside of team practice he has started needing a bat of his own. I have given him his very first wood baseball bat so that he can learn how to swing and practice on a regular basis.

Choosing a Baseball Bat

Selecting a baseball bat is often a very subjective process. You just have to try out a variety of sizes and weights to determine what feels best. However there are some basic concepts to consider. If you are big and strong you can wield a heavier bat. A smaller player can benefit from an increase in their bat speed with a lighter bat. A longer bat provides greater reach for outside pitches, but it is also heavier, which can slow down your swing. Striking the right balance between power and speed is a matter of trial and error.

Youths 12 years old and younger usually use a bat with a 2 1/4” diameter barrel. This is the standard size for Dixie Youth and Little League baseball. High schools and colleges restrict the barrel diameter to a maximum size of 2 5/8”. All leagues have their own bat requirements, so always check to learn the rules before you buy a bat.

As mentioned earlier, you have to test out a bat to determine if it is going to work well for you, but here are some basic guides for bat length based on age. Most 5-7 year olds use a 24”-26” bat. 8-9 year olds usually use a 26”-28” bat. 10 year olds typically swing a 28”-29” bat. An 11-12 year old generally uses a 30”-31” bat. 13-14 year olds usually wield a 31”-32” bat and 15-16 year olds often use a 32”-33” bat.