After a 5-0 victory, the San Francisco Giants are one win away from a third World Championship in 5 years. If they achieve it, they’ll owe a lot to the efforts of Madison Bumgarner who pitched a complete game shutout in game 5. It seems like Bumgarner knows how to keep his emotions in check and pitch like it’s just another regular season game.

In contrast, the Kansas City Royals bullpen has shown signs of cracks in the last couple of games. Some credit has to go to the Giants hitters. They’ve been disciplined. They don’t chase many bad pitches and they don’t overswing. Throughout the post season they’ve done a good job of scoring runs without many home runs. Hunter Pence exemplifies their approach to hitting. His swings don’t look pretty, but he manages to make good contact with the baseball and he keeps getting hits.

The bright side for the Royals is that they are coming home, and they won’t have to face Bumgarner as a starting pitcher in anymore games in this series.

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